Things to Know to Make Your Komodo Liveaboard Budget Trip Better


If you have planned to see the last of the dragons in Komodo National Park this holiday, you will find a lot of liveaboard selection to sail the Komodo. From high luxury to budget, you will always find something that suits your wallet. If you are not keen to splurge on extravagant decoration and rolled sushi for lunch, you might want to check out budget liveaboard Komodo. It’s like the middle class of liveaboard—you get everything basic things you need at bargain price. Budget liveaboard become traveler favourite not only for its friendly cost but also the atmosphere. The crews, while staying professionals at their job, will treat you just like a friend and give you many valuable insider insights of the Komodo. Passengers on budget liveaboard tend to be more grounded and diverse; a mix of newbie and seasonal passengers who are ready to share exciting stories with you. 

While Komodo liveaboard budget is just as awesome as it is, there are several extra preparation to make your sailing trip even better. 

Things to Know to Make Your Komodo Liveaboard Budget Trip Better

What to Wear in the Liveaboard? 

Komodo budget liveaboard doesn’t call for complex piece of clothing. This is not a sailing trip with a cruise where you will attend a fine dining on one of the night with appropriate clothes. There will be no formal night, so pack all of your summer clothes! Komodo liveaboard call for adventurous activities and you’ll be doing fine with your most casual clothes. Just remember to pack one light jacket and some sun cover up for women. Like anywhere in Indonesia, you might be required to cover up your bikini in public places. 

How Do You Get Best Deals on Komodo Liveaboard Budget? 

Ssst, here’s a secret. Most Komodo liveaboard budget have secret best deals they don’t put on the website. So here’s our tips. Starts doing online research about budget boats in Komodo. Make your shortlist based on price, facilities, or other criteria. Mark the calendar for times you are willing/free to go to Komodo. Follow the boats’ social media and subscribe for the newsletter. We’ve seen ships announce discounts, special price, and even giveaway on their social media and newsletter!

Things to Know to Make Your Komodo Liveaboard Budget Trip Better

Do Could You Entertain the Kids in Komodo Liveaboard Budget?

Every adventurous parents who’ve been taking their kids to vacation can relate. In a sailing boat where there won’t be any signals, playstation, PC, and even convenience market nearby, travelling with kids can be quite tacky. They can get bored very fast! Our best suggestion is check in with your boat operator. See if they have some board and fun games such as UNO, stacks, ludo, card decks, or other more. It’s also a good idea to pack things that stimulate children’s imagination such as binocular. This is very appropriate for Komodo’s Jurassic-looking landscape and it will keep them busy for few hours.

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Things To Prepare Before Travel

How to Choose A Cabin for Seasickness Prone People? 

Sometimes, someone in the party can’t really stomach sailing trip. Maybe it’s your husband, one of your child, your friend, or even yourself—who need to constantly stay near to the toilet while the boat is moving. Our best tips is to choose the top cabin or the one in the mid-deck. Luckily, they mostly features stunning view of the landscape aside of being the most stable cabin. Unluckily, they might cost more—so prepare extra budget if you want to purchase these comforts.