Learning the Fishes on Diving for Beginners

Learning the Fishes on Diving for Beginners

Have you ever been fascinated by cute, vibrant, and sometimes weird-looking marine creatures of all shapes and colour under the water? Some divers even start their underwater adventure from their curiosity towards the fishes, turtles, unique octopuses, and other creatures. This is the perks of being a diver; to be able to interact with the fishes and be among them.

Divers are also known to documents their dives in the logbooks and will often records marine animals they see during the dives. But in order to be able to documents the marine wildlife properly, a diver need to know their fishes. Marine animals identification is one of the lesson on diving for beginners in diving that can be taken separately from the main courses. It’s not a mandatory class, but it’s really helpful as the diving will be more rewarding if you recognise the creatures you see—and be totally aware if you encounter some rare creatures.   

Basic Tropical Fishes to Learn on Diving for Beginners

Learning the Fishes on Diving for Beginners

Diving in Indonesia can be both a blessing and a curse. In places with high biodiversity like Bali, Komodo, and Raja Ampat, the ocean is brimming with more than 3,000 species of tropical fishes alone. Diving in these sites are almost like like diving in world-sized aquariums—drowning in thousands of fishes—swimming there and about. For the same reason, learning to identify tropical fishes can be hard—and learning the characteristic of each species is unlikely. However, you will learn the basic and easy way to distinguish fishes on the diving for beginners classes. You will learn the categories of majority of tropical reef species and which familia of fishes belong to certain category. This extra lesson will help you to identify characteristics of local family fishes and some distinctive features of the most common species. For example, the butterfly fishes you see while diving in Bali could be wildly different with the ones you see in the Caribbean Island in terms of colour and markings, but its general feature would be the same. 

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Learning the Fishes on Diving for Beginners

Bali is actually perfect for diving for beginners as the water is warm, the visibility high, and the life is rich. It’s just like bursting with spectacularly coloured fishes and coral reefs. The island is also home for rarer animals such as the gigantic mola mola, giant manta ray, tiny pink seahorses, the master of disguise frogfish, scorpion fish, and many others. It’s also home of the most common tropical fishes like damselfish, parrotfish, wrasse, angelfish, butterfly fish, puffers, groupers, eels, and others—we can keep going on and on. Bali is the place if you want an easy dive yet having the best experiences documenting the fishes. 

Padang Indonesia Cultural Heritage and Tourist Destination

The city of Padang is the largest city on the west coast of the island of Sumatra and the capital of the province of West Sumatra, in Indonesia. This city is the western gateway to Indonesia from the Indian Ocean. The city of Padang, famous for its legends Siti Nurbaya and Malin Kundang, is currently working for the development of tourism. For those who do not know who they are can read this article inclusively. The two imaginary characters in Indonesia where Malin Kundang is a devil who was cursed by his mother since he had abandoned his mother for a long time while Siti Nurbaya is a girl who was celebrated because of her family forced her to marry a son chosen by his family. Okay, then let’s mention a few rich tourist destinations in Padang for all of you!

Siti Nurbaya Bridge

padang indonesia travel

One of the tourist icons of the city of Padang in West Sumatra is the Siti Nurbaya Bridge. This bridge is a large bridge that stands on the Batang Arau River. The length of the bridge is approximately 100 meters long and up to 600 meters long. The bridge also connects the old town of Padang to Taman Siti Nurbaya, where Siti Nurbaya is buried.

Pantai Padang “Padang Beach”

Padang Beach or popularly known as Taplau is a beach located in the city of Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. This beach is located in a dense urban area of ​​West Padang district and stretches from Purus to the Batang Arau estuary. The best place to get rid of tired daily routines. On Padang Taplau Beach, visitors can enjoy the sun which slowly descends until dusk. Then start to touch the horizon and extend the last ray.

Pantai Pasir Jambak

Pasir Jambak Beach is renowned for its natural beauty, which makes visitors very happy to be able to enjoy the beauty presented by nature. This Pasir Jambak beach is one of the quintessential seaside tourist destinations for beach lovers. This beach is just 17 km from downtown Padang. So that the journey from the city is not too far away and short enough to enjoy the beauty of the sea, on the beach of Pasir Jambak.

Adityawarman Museum

The Adityawarman Museum was built in 1974 and inaugurated on March 16, 1977. The Adityawarman Museum deserves its name as “Taman Mini” in West Sumatra. The Museum is the most important cultural museum in West Sumatra. The Adityawarman Museum serves as a place of storage and preservation of historical objects such as cultural heritage. This Adityawarman museum displays elements of Minang culture, ranging from traditional clothing to traditional musical instruments. Located in the center of the city of Padang, this museum is the symbol in Padang that this city has full of culture and favorable destination.

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The Ideal Benoa Resort for All Types of Vacations

benoa resort

Tanjung Benoa offers some of the best luxury hotels and resorts. As one of the most-visited destinations in the world, Bali has numerous accommodations to choose from – enough to make you feel overwhelmed by the options. If you’ve set your eyes on Benoa resort then congratulations – it’s one of the best locations you can choose from, away from the crazy hustle bustle of places like Kuta, but close enough that you won’t miss anything should you choose to venture to the busy tourist places. But according to what type of traveler you are, what kind of resort should you choose during your Bali vacation? 

Benoa resort favorite destination

The Tanjung Benoa peninsula is technically a part of Kuta, the South Kuta to be precise, yet the atmosphere is severely different from the busy, popular streets Kuta is known for. Benoa boasts beautiful beaches as well, where you can even enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving. 

Bali resorts for couples

nusa dua family resort

Whether you’re on a honeymoon or celebrating anniversaries for your significant other, there are plenty of options for you. Options are quite versatile, depending on you and your partner’s preference. Trying on the luxury accommodations is certainly an option. Staying at Benoa resort when celebrating your anniversary and honeymoon, you’ll get a tailored experience just for you. Tanjung Benoa is also known as a tranquil place where beaches with white sand are abundant. Watersports experiences are in store for you as well. Choosing Bali family resort in Benoa should be high up in your consideration. 

Best resorts for family vacations in Bali 


When it comes to family holidays, convenience is one of the most important considerations for anyone planning it. Whether you’re having your Bali vacation with your kids or the whole family including your parents, the accommodation you’re staying in is going to make a whole world of difference. For the ultimate convenience, going for all-inclusive hotels is something that’s worth considering. Entertainment, all meals and snacks, some alcoholic beverages, as well as kids activities in Benoa resorts are all included in the price. 

Accommodation for the adventurous solo travelers 

You might want to stay away from the all-inclusive resorts and those that come with the label luxury. While money is sometimes not an issue, the tailored experience all-inclusive resorts offer can often feel like you’re staying in your own bubble of luxury, instead of going out there and experience your destination. Venturing out solo to faraway lands like Bali means that you care more about experiencing the destination; afterall, despite the emerging popularity, most people still prefer traveling by companions. So go book some other place that gives you the taste of the local life. Where you’re staying in can contribute to your overall travel experience, after all. 

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Capturing Travel Moments Through Photography

When travelling, every traveler may have different ways to enjoy it to the fullest. Some travelers focus more on the activities they do throughout the trip. Meanwhile other travelers love capturing moments of travel through photography. Carrying your camera around while travelling is a good idea because then you can capture any moment at any time. You can also do it with your camera phone. However, it might feel different for travelers who are also into photography if they didn’t use their favorite camera. 

How to capture travel moments through camera lens better

Source: Ivyrill

Travel and photography is linked to one another. During travel, you experience many things. You also visit so many amazing places with stunning views and history. You can immortalize those travel moments through camera lens. Here are several tips to do it smoothly:

Research and research your destination

It is recommended that you research your travel destination beforehand. Thus, you can envision what kind of pictures you want to capture or what kind of mood you want to create while capturing some pictures. You can also find out what time is the best to visit your travel destination so you can be more prepared. It is often that the time affects photography significantly because light during particular time gives more dramatic, stunning effects. 

Things may go differently from your plan

It is also possible that what you planed is different from reality. Instead of sulking, use what you have and do what you can best. If you get harsh light when arrive at the location, use it as dramatic effect. You can create a concept photo of silhouette and shadows. Try to see beautiful view and angle from the place you visit. When you arrive at the location, it will be easier to visualize your wish of ideal pictures you want to capture. 

Observe the locals

If you want to capture travel moments that can lighten up the mood, you can go to more crowded places such as local market. That’s where you can see people busy doing their things. They have different expressions and gestures. Not to mention that the color of the stalls must be colorful. You can capture the life of the locals perfectly through the local market. 

Travel photography gears

Bring necessary gears you are going to need to capture all travel moments you wish. For example, you can bring your tripod, selfie-stick, etc. Those gears can help you take great pictures better. Not to mention that you can use them when you want to take pictures of yourself with the background of beautiful scenery. 

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Be playful in using shutter speed and light scale. This way, you can play up with the motion of the moment you want to capture such as passing cars, waterfalls, etc. Selecting the right choice of shutter speed can result in incredible images you can check out later when you return back at home. To enjoy the trip while indulging your passion in photography, don’t be in a rush. Enjoy your trip then click the most amazing moment. Try to be more flexible and start with the goal shots. Everything will follow. 

Reasons to Purchase Used Indoor Furniture Yogyakarta

interior furniture yogyakarta

Secondhand furnitures aren’t perfect and they certainly come with their own set of stories and potential problems. But there are people who are dedicated to their niche and have lived off of used interior furniture Yogyakarta rather than purchasing new stuff. Whether it’s the joy of hunting or other things, used furniture certainly has their own fans. Are you interested in getting used pieces yourself but still doubt whether it’s going to be worth it? 

Quality secondhand interior furniture Yogyakarta 

furniture in yogyakarta

Buying used furniture is certainly not the first thing people think of when they’re furnishing their newly purchased home, but there’s a lot to love about secondhand furniture. It certainly takes more time when you’re hunting secondhand stuff as you need to be extra careful to discover only the pieces that are worth buying; but once you did it, you’re going to love it. After all, what not to love about quality pieces obtained at a fraction of what it could’ve cost you?

Cost-saving alternative for a quality piece 

Obviously one of the most prominent reasons for buying used interior furniture Yogyakarta is the reduced price of the furniture piece compared to new ones. Not to mention, when you’re hunting for used furniture pieces there’s a chance that you’re going to discover high quality solid wood furniture that would otherwise be out of your price range to purchase. Purchasing used furniture can indeed be a hit and miss but as long as you’re careful about your selections, know where to look, and have inspected your piece carefully, you’re likely going to end up with a good deal. 

Finding treasure amongst used furniture 

Many furniture pieces that are sold as secondhand are of good quality. They have stood the taste of time and it’s one of the reasons why many are able to make it into thrift stores. Sure, you can find pieces like Ikea when you shop, but you’ll find that solid hardwood pieces aren’t rare to find. Discovering quality solid wood pieces furniture Jogja is one of the things that you’ll be delighted about when your thrifting pays off. Sometimes you’ll even find quality designer furniture that’ll certainly be a real treasure; the perfect addition to your home. 

Reusing is good for the environment 

Buying used pieces is honestly one of the best ways to furnish your home with interior furniture Yogyakarta for several reasons. Rather than buying new pieces and add a potential waste down the road, taking advantage of secondhand furniture is a more environmentally friendly approach. You’ll help tremendously by reducing waste, as it’s a known fact that the furniture industry among ones that are highly wasteful, whether it’s wood, metal, or upholstery fabrics.

Furnitures and health concerns 

It’s a valid concern that using used furniture may pose health hazards. But apparently this is not the case. It might surprise you that using secondhand furniture can just be healthier. Used furniture that poses health hazards are furnitures that have bed bugs and all kinds of insect infestation, mould, water damage, and such. And these are usually found in pieces like mattresses or upholstered furniture. And why would you purchase used mattress in the first place? It’s best to avoid buying used mattress altogether, as well as heavily used upholstered furniture. 

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So how is it that used furniture can be healthier? New furniture is often made of formaldehyde that it requires to keep the furniture together. And it’s known this type of chemical is a carcinogen that causes health hazards. But there’s little ways to avoid formaldehyde altogether. Unless of course, you buy used furniture in which the chemical has had the time to be released into the air. 

How To Enjoy Your Visit To Budapest During Winter

Budapest is one of must visit travel destinations in Europe especially during winter. This place can make even the coldest weather feel warmer. This capital city of Hungary is especially lively during winter. If you want to have a perfect winter getaway, Budapest is a perfect destination. This is where you get to enjoy cozy winter atmosphere with classic and romantic architectural creations in almost every corner of the streets. When you see Budapest during winter, it is like watching a classic Christmas movie. 

things to do in budapest winter

Why Budapest is perfect for winter getaway 

Budapest is a place in which you can truly feel the richness of the culture and how steep their tradition is. Winter charms draw people all around the world to visit Budapest every year. Magical winter can be felt strongly in this place. Here are things you can do during your winter vacation in Budapest:

Christmas market

Exploring Christmas markets is a must during your visit in Budapest. There are many things to enjoy during your visit to the Christmas markets including traditional dishes, Mulled wine, beautiful crafts and arts, and more. The Christmas markets in Budapest take place in November to January every winter. During those times, the number of visitors are significantly increased. There are many Christmas markets you can visit in Budapest. One of the most recommended is The Vorosmarty Square market hosting over 120 stalls. 

City Park Ice Ring

Enjoy your time at Budapest’s City Park Ice Rink. This is where you can go skating to the fullest in Budapest during winter. It is one of the most famous skating destinations in Hungary. This rink is also one of the oldest and largest in Europe since it was opened in 1870. during summer, the rink is filled with water and used as boating lake. During winter, this is a perfect place for skating. Admission fee is varied by age. 

Spoil yourself in spas

Spas and thermal baths are a must when it comes to travelling around Budapest. This city itself is dubbed as the City of Spas. There are about 118 natural thermal springs scattered throughout the city. The baths are beautiful and renowned for their relaxing effects and medicinal benefits. There are many thermal baths you can choose in Budapest. During winter, they are often full with visitors. One of the most recommended thermal baths is Szechenyi that owns 10 indoor pools. 

Christmas light tram

Christmas light tram is a must try when you visit Budapest during winter. Budapest has Fenyvillamos that is put into operation during winter with 3,9000 lights covering its body. It operates from 5.p.m throughout December and January. It is a 50-yeard-old Ganz UV tram which operates across the city and lighten up the atmosphere. 

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Buda Castle and Varkert Bazar are very iconic spots in Budapest. You can visit them during winter since they offer magical vibe and atmosphere. Buda Castle is imposing yet beautiful while overlooking the city. Varkert Bazar is the Castle Garden offering beautiful nature and art. It is also where you can spot bars, restaurants, and outdoor spaces for special events.

Komodo Tour is Closed in 2020 – What Should You Do?

The Indonesian government has announced since early last year that the Komodo island is closing down for their wildlife maintenance – for a whole year! Oh but wait, the statement had been retracted in the months following the announcement; is the closure cancelled? We really aren’t sure, but at the time of this writing Komodo tour is still ongoing and the island is not on an effective closedown yet. However, there aren’t any guarantee that it won’t be closed in the future. The government is worried about the smuggling of Komodo dragons that were allegedly sold abroad and they don’t want that to happen again. The closure is really for the good of the wildlife. But what should you do if Komodo island tour is listed on your bucket list? 

Komodo tour closing in 2020

Is it worth the wait? What if the island maintenance takes more than an entire year? The Komodo dragons are native to the island and Komodo National Park is really the only place in this earth where you can see them in the wild. Komodo that aren’t in their natural habitat existed of course, but the experience of seeing them being free in the wild versus behind a bar in some zoo is worlds away. 

komodo tour package

Seeing the these beautiful ancient dragons in its natural habitat is not an experience you could trade for anything. And I’d say the Komodo island closing for a period of time would do the destination good. It’s definitely worth the wait. So rather than settling for any Komodo experience in Indonesia, invest on a quality Komodo island tour in the right time. 

Where can you see the Komodo outside Komodo Island? 

komodo tour
Also known as Komodo Monitors (Varanus komodoensis) these fierce animals seem to be dancing.

If you’re keen to go to Indonesia and have a peek at the Komodo dragons despite the fact that the island is closed, then you have a few alternatives. Like what we’ve mentioned, don’t expect these alternatives to ever compare to seeing free, roaming Komodo dragons in the wild. But if you’d like to see them anyway, some zoos in Bali display them. Very small ones though (we only saw one baby-sized Komodo during our trip in Bali and they’re nothing like a gigantic lizard we saw at the Komodo National Park). A few established zoos in Java also display them. Though as always with zoos; remember that they’re created for humans first and foremost rather than for the animals. That’s why we won’t mention any zoos here; be wise when choosing to visit such establishments. 

What’s the best way to go explore Komodo National Park? 

Go on a liveaboard of course! At least, that’s our preferred way of exploring the absolute wonders that is Komodo National Park. We could already hear the budget travelers out there shouting that not everyone could afford a liveaboard. Here’s what we think; Komodo island and its surrounding Flores seas are not a budget destination and a Komodo tour on a budget is just not practical. The Indonesian government had made this clear with the fees and everything else that you need to prepare for just to visit the island. 

komodo national park indonesia

Flores is a remote island even within Indonesia as a country; it’s certainly much less developed than Bali and Java, and say, compared to other islands like Sumatra and Kalimantan. This is part of the reason why the marine life in Flores is so pristine – it’s largely untouched by humans. You won’t be able to reach many diving and snorkeling destinations as well as some islands without the means of a boat. 

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So rather than going on a half-hearted Komodo island trip and settle for a less than stellar experience, take your time to save up and invest on a liveaboard experience. Some of the best Komodo island tours from Labuan Bajo are indeed best experienced with ultimate leisure on a boat. 

Things To Enjoy During Your Visit To Budapest

Budapest is underrated travel destination in Europe. This city is full of wonder from its history. This is a classic city where you can learn more about its history and culture. Budapest is the capital city of Hungary with many beautiful streets to venture to. It is not hard to find restaurants, thermal spas, and even breathtaking views in Budapest. This city is even a more perfect destination to spend with during your winter getaway. The transportation in Budapest is also so sufficient. You can explore the city via the cog railway or Zugliget chairlift. 

Things worth exploring for when you visit Budapest

Budapest is home to 1.7 millions residents. This city is so lively yet peaceful at the same time. If you are looking for urban getaway, Budapest is a perfect destination to visit during cold or warm weather. Here are things you can enjoy during your visit:

The Danube is a must visit spot when you are in Budapest. It runs basically through the center of Budapest. The hilly Buda is on the west and the flat pest is on the east. It is highly recommended to take a walk along the banks. There are beautiful sights you can enjoy during the stroll such as the Buda Castle, The Neo-Gothic Parliament, Shoes on the Danube, and Gellert Hill. Aside from taking a walk, you can also explore the spot via tourist boat rides. 

Franz Liszt Academy of Music is a concert hall and music academy in Hungary. It was founded in 1875 by Franz Liszt, a Hungarian composer. It is considered as the most prestigious music school in the country. You don’t have to attend a concert to know what’s inside the hall. You can go and take a peek inside to see beautiful Zsolnay tiles, crystal chandeliers, murals, and mosaic. It is a perfect destination for music and art lovers. The classic vibe inside the building is worth visiting for. 

Margaret Island is a must visit spot in Budapest. It is a Danube isle between Buda and Pest where you can enjoy the most scenic park in Budapest. Not to mention that the park owns two swimming pool complexes, a petting zoo, a padded jogging path, a musical fountain, an open-air theater, restaurant, and many spots for picnic. The location of this beautiful park is between Margaret Bridge and Arpad Bridge. It is not hard to spot this park. 

Heroes’ Square is located between the Museum of Fine Arts and Mucsarnok on either side. The building of Heroes’ Square and the Millennium Monument was built to commemorate the millennium of the Magyars. You can also see statues of Hungarian historical figures when you visit these places. Not too far from the Heroes’ Square, you can visit the City Park which considered as the largest park in the city. There are many spots to explore in this park such as the Circus, the Zoo, Thermal Baths, a pond, and the Museum of Agriculture. 

Villa Seminyak for Wonderful Holiday

Seminyak is the best tourist destination in Bali. When to the Seminyak area, you will see many foreign tourists passing by enjoying the atmosphere. There is a lot they can see and do in Seminyak area. The best way is to walk around Seminyak villas. A Seminyak vacation is definitely a type of vacation that refreshes the body and mind and soul. You can enjoy culinary experiences from various countries in the villa Seminyak area. Souvenir sellers, famous batik boutiques await customers in every corner of the Seminyak area. If less satisfied, the nightlife that makes Seminyak famous is ready to bring a memorable night experience.

villa Seminyak, with a private pool and lazy chairs, pampering you to enjoy holiday

Walking around the Seminyak villa

There will be many offers for transportation when you arrive at the airport or at the villa Seminyak. Because, it is difficult to find public transportation in Bali, you automatically have to rent a car or motorcycle. But when staying in Seminyak area, the best way to get around is on foot. Walking in the Seminyak area will really save time and you will see many interesting sides in Seminyak.

Dining tour

Culinary lovers, dining tours are the best and the perfect experience of tasting various foods from various countries. Find restaurants with awards from national and international you can also find. In Seminyak villa area, local food culinary experiences can be seen on every street. You can find “suckling pig” filled with rice, pork, and vegetables typical of Bali. Suckling pig is a great recommendation for travelers visiting Bali. Or, you can enjoy Padang rice which is very famous for beef rendang. One food that is popular and very popular with tourists is “nasi goreng”. Especially in the late afternoon, there are many carts in various corners of Seminyak that sell “nasi goreng”.

Beach tour

Don’t be afraid of running out of the best beaches in the villa Seminyak area. Seminyak Beach has a fairly long stretch, but not as crowded and crowded as Kuta. You can enjoy the sunset on any beach or can enter several beachside cafes while enjoying a meal and a star beer. Enjoying the view of the sunset and with a bottle of cold beer is the best experience that many domestic and foreign tourists want.

Nightlife Tour

Who does not know that Seminyak is very popular with its nightlife? Just walk to the Seminyak area, the bar and club offer to enjoy your evening in Seminyak. On the border of Seminyak and Legian, you can visit the Dyana Pura area and enjoy the best bars. You can find a quality bar with the crowds and the best atmosphere. Well, Seminyak villas are perfect for finding the best atmosphere and place.

Have A Wonderful Trip for This Winter To Italy

Having a trip during winter may not always as ideal as you thought. However, it also depends on the destination you choose. For winter, you should be more selective in choosing your travel destination. Choose a place that will still provide you the best things to explore even with extreme temperature. There are many places in the world fits for winter getaway. One of the most recommended places is Italy. Basically, Italy is a great travel destination you can visit anytime regardless of the season. It has literally everything to keep you happy and entertained during your visit. However, there are many more things to see and do in Italy especially during winter. 

What to do and see in Italy during winter

Italy is a perfect travel destination for this winter. There are many events and places you can go to which will make you feel warmer in the middle of very low temperature. here are what you can enjoy to the best during your trip to Italy for this winter:

Venice, of course.

Explore Venice to explore the streets, arcades, and more. During winter, this place turns into a more mystical and magical city. During your visit to Venice, you will be presented with lights and Christmas trees. From day to night, you can feel the buzz of energy of this particular city in Italy. It is even better if you choose to book a hotel around Venice so you don’t have to make a long trip when you want to explore many places. 

venice in winter

Christmas eve at St. Peter’s Basilica

Enjoy your Christmas at St. Peter’s Basilica. Christmas Eve Mass is already a tradition in this particular spot. If you want to join the mass, make sure to buy a ticker in advance. It is said to be the hardest ticket to get. The basilica can fit to 15,000 people. However, it is considered the hottest place to go to for Christmas Eve so getting the ticket can be very tough. You are recommended to buy the ticket 2-6 months prior. The mass is started at 9.30 pm and being broadcast on national television.

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If you are considered yourself a bookworm, might as well checkout BookCity Milan. You may have known Milan as fashion and design city. However, there is special celebration this November with all the things literary. This is a book-fest where there will be about 1,500 events held involving 3,000 authors. The events include lectures, readings, and performances. Those will be held at the venues throughout the city. Who knows maybe you finally get the chance to meet your favorite author. 

Art exhibitions

If you are into art, Italy still your best destination to spend your holiday this winter. It is because there will be numerous exhibits marked the anniversary of Raphael’s death. You must have known that he was a great Renaissance painter died in 1520. there is Rapahel show to celebrate the anniversary at the Museo della Permenente, Milan. You can see the artist’s works and story presented through the immersive multimedia show.