Your Child Is Travelling Alone, How To Stay Calm And Keep Them Safe


It is not easy for parents to let their precious child exploring the world on their own, especially if it is their first time. There are mixed of emotions involves ranging from pride, worry, fear, excitement, anxiety, and many more. Even for those seasoned travelers, they still worry to let their child go travelling alone on their own. It is inevitable for parent to worry about their children. However, there are ways for you as parents to stay calm while letting your child have their own adventure safely. 

Your Child Is Travelling Alone, How To Stay Calm And Keep Them Safe

Tips to stay calm while letting your child travel alone

It is a must that you have a conversation with your child about the logistics and everything related to the trip. Make sure that you reach an agreement of maintaining communication. Here are useful tips to help ease your stress in letting your child exploring the world on their own:

Sharing locations 

Ask your child to share their locations. Figure out the location sharing settings in advance. This way, you will always know your child’s whereabouts. Most of the times, parents are not worrying about the ability of their child in making decision on the road. Their worry rather lies on the unexpected situation and harms of the people or situation that their child possibly encounter with. 

Sending selfies from time to time

Ask your child to send selfies during their trip regularly. This way, you know if your child is okay. A selfie can be sufficient enough to grant a peace of your mind. Not to mention that it will be exciting to have a collection of your child’s selfies from many different places as they are exploring the world on their own. 

Scheduling regular contact

You and your child must agree to maintain good communication in any form. Ask your child to call you regularly even just to say they are okay. Hearing from your child is relieving when you are slightly panicking about your child being out there in unknown places. To make this plan, you need to have an international phone plan in advance. Then, set up regular schedule contact. 

Establishing code words

No one known what kind of situation you may face during a trip to unfamiliar places. There is always a possibility of encountering unexpected things that can be harmful and dangerous to deal with. For this situation, you need to establish code words with your child in advance. A code word can be anything not direct or suspicious. It can be regular word such as ‘paper’ or a simple ‘red’ for your child to notice you if they are ever in dangerous situation when they are incapable of saying it outright. 

Worrying over your child for their first time travelling abroad alone is normal for parent. Make sure you have the copy of your child’s itinerary so you know exactly their schedule. It is even better if you make the plan together so you can discuss more about travel safety, warnings, emergency contacts, etc.