Embracing Green Travel Practices For A Better World


Green travel or ecotourism concept is not as narrow as staying in treehouse in the middle of a jungle. Eco-adventure is kind of different from green travel even though it is still in the same spectrum. You don’t really have to go into the unknown place and have isolated adventure to embrace the concept of green travel. The most important point is not always about sacrificing your comforts but showing real efforts to preserve and protect the environment of the place you are visiting. Hence, it is so much easier than you think when you understand the concept and how to embrace the practices. 

The idea of green travelling

Green travel aims for more sustainable, responsible, eco-friendly travel. Hence, it doesn’t leave bad impact both to the locals and the environment. And here are practices you can embrace from green travel concept:

Choose eco-friendly accommodation to book

It is highly advised for you to book eco-friendly accommodation for your stay. There are sites where you can look for eco-friendly hotels, lodges, guesthouses all around the world. Even though the eco-friendly accommodation offer eco-friendly experience, they may apply different guidelines so make sure to do your own research. Therefore, you can find the accommodation that meets your standard as well. 

Make your stay more eco-friendly

During your trip, it is also important to embrace green travel practices. For example, keeping your shower short and don’t wast water unnecessarily. When you brush your teeth, shut off the water. Also, you don’t have to keep the AC, TV, heat, lights, or any electric devices on if you are leaving the room for exploring the places. Then, reuse the towels or sheets if they are still clean instead of letting the housekeeping staffs replace them for you. 

Get around places more responsibly

To get around the places, make sure to do it responsibly using the concept of green travel as well. For example in the matter of transportation. Air travel has one of the biggest environmental impacts. Hence, make sure to use it wisely to minimize environmental footprint. If you plan on shorter trips, take the train instead of flying. If you need to rent a car, choose one that has the least carbon emission. And to get around the city during your trip, choose public transportation such as buses or trains instead of car rental. It is even better if you can just walk or bike to get around places.

Sightseeing responsibly

During your visit to various sites, you still have to embrace green travel practice by not doing anything that can be damaging to the site. You can take only photographs and do not leave anything but your footprints. If you are joining the tour group, it is best to come in smaller groups to minimize environmental impact. Make sure the tour is led by the locals and find out more about how the operator gives back to the community. Also, buy souvenirs or crafts that are made by local artisans to support the local economy.