What to expect in a Komodo Sailing Trip

komodo island with hills and grass
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One way to have a great vacation in Indonesia is to book a sailing trip to the Komodo National park. You’ll discover many hidden gems of Indonesia thats has been conserved by the government. You can explore beautiful islands conserved with its natural beauty or meet unique beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Here are some of Destinations you can visit in your trip Komodo National Park

Start at Labuan Bajo

If you’re going for a Komodo sailing trip, you can discover the beautiful islands of east Nusa tenggara. Your trip will usually start in Labuan Bajo, a harbor village full of boats and fish markets. Beside the sea, Labuan bajo has a great place to visit like the Rangko Cave. Rangko Cave is a great place to visit, with a cavern of blue water full of stalactites decorating the place. 

Explore the vast land of Sebayur

Beside Labuan Bajo, you’ll meet the wonder of Sebayur islands. Sebayur consisted of two islands which is Sebayur Besar and Sebayur Kecil which literally meant Big Sebayur and small Sebayur. Visiting the Sebayur islands will offer you the ultimate taste of what it’s like to live on an island; warm oceans thanks to the year-round sun, and exquisite beaches with white sands that meet crystal clear waters. Trekking on these islands is fantastic. It’s yet another fantastic location for exploring Flores’ dry hills and nature. After a day of trekking and touring, we like to treat ourselves by watching the sunset. 

Dive to discover what lies beneath the islands

There are many dive sites in the national park area like Batu Bolong that’s located between Komodo island and rinca island. This site is a home of many kinds of colorful fishes, colorful coral, lobster and eels. If you want to meet mantas, you can go to Karang Makassar where there you can meet them all year long. You can meet mantas swimming in big groups swimming around here.

Meet the dragons in Rinca island

komodo of rinca island
source : helloflores.com

As one of the island that’s protected as Komodo National Park, Rinca has a larger Komodo dragon population than Komodo, despite being smaller and less well-known. The island houses roughly 1300 Komodo dragons. Beside the Komodo, Rinca is home to a variety of animals like wild pigs, water buffalos, Sumba deers, monkeys, wild horses, and a variety of snake species. Rinca has three types of vegetation: grassland along the coastline, which covers 70% of the island, monsoon forest, which is made up of a dry tropical forest between sea level and 500 meters, and quasi-cloud forest above 500 meters. Mt Ora, Rinca’s highest peak, stands at 670 meters high. Beside having higher population of komodo dragons than in komodo island, Rinca is also closer to Labuan Bajo which is perfect if you only want to see the dragons.

The beautiful Landscape of Padar island

magivcal view of padar island
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Can be found between Komodo and Rinca islands, and only accesible by boat thats usually is a part of a trip that visit the National park. Explore the vast landscape of green grass in padar island. On the top of the island, you have to see the wonderful view that its offer. With its view of steep hills and white sand beach decorating the bay you surely want to look at it with your own eyes. Climb the hills and take a picture of padar island from the top and enjoy the view of the sky meeting the land and sea. 

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