Scuba diving for beginners: Things You Should Expect

Each of us has different reasons for taking courses for scuba diving for beginners and it’s an excellent decision on your part if you do want to undertake. What can you expect before you get into your first scuba diving lessons? 

Scuba diving for beginners: How comfortable are you in the water? 

Being able to swim is a prerequisite to learning how to dive. Most people who can’t swim wouldn’t even think of diving as their sports of choice. However, if it’s been ages since you go swimming and you’re not particularly confident in your swimming skills, it’s likely time to brush up on it. 

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Regarding comfort in the waters, you’ll also need to be able to confidently open your eyes. One of the most important appeals of diving is the ability to take in the incredible marine life. So it’s time to learn to open your eyes underwater. Those who had made the effort of being more comfortable with their eyes open underwater are going to be less stressed out during their diving classes.

If you’re planning on taking the PADI course, do your research first to have a better understanding of their programs. Some things to expect for a PADI scuba diving course: 

  • You will have to swim 200 meters. 
  • You’ll need to be able to float in the water and/or tread for at least 10 minutes. 
  • Ideally, these should be done in the oceans. However, having a warmup in the pool is perfectly fine. 

Try a beginner diving class for a day before you commit 

Scuba diving lessons for beginners or intermediate or advanced are all not cheap. When first learning to dive, the best way to approach it is by opting for the most accessible option for you, both in terms of locations and affordability. Going on scuba diving holidays for beginners is certainly something ultimately tempting. But save that diving holiday plan once you’re sure that you love diving and are willing to travel to places just to dive. 

Planning your scuba diving holiday and start small 

Don’t book a plane ticket and diving classes in, say, Bali just yet! Scuba diving for beginners should start from the most accessible and the most affordable option for you. Especially if budget is among the top of your concerns, start your diving holiday in a place you’re familiar with—or at least, a place not so far from home. 

If you’re already comfortable with your diving regardless of your level, only then you should go looking for more committed diving experiences. This is when you can browse for things like best scuba diving in Bali for beginners or whichever exotic destination piques your interest.

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Pay serious attention to your health 

If you know you’re going to go diving the next day, don’t get drunk the previous day. Not only the experience would be physically unpleasant for you, but dangerous as well. A low immune system has a chance of getting you a decompression sickness. So make sure that you eat good food to energize you and have a good night’s sleep so that you’ll be at the top of your game once it’s time to dive!

Taking your time to explore and know what you want 

Not committing to any expensive or lengthy diving holiday is a way to avoid regrets when your first try at diving is apparently just not for you. Take affordable scuba diving vacations for beginners to explore more diverse diving sites, once you’re ready.