Financial Planning Tips During Crisis


Many business are suffering due to the pandemic that has caused economic downturn in global scale. The pandemic has brought the realization of a long-term business. You don’t know what will hit you tomorrow if you are not prepared in advance. Without long term plan especially in the financial aspect, business will get it hard when it hit with such unprecedented times. Financial and legal planning are crucial for business to survive and keep growing during crisis. 

The right financial plan for business to face crisis

Many business are now trying to fortify their their plans for covid-19. meanwhile, some others might be struggling to develop them. It doesn’t matter in what stage you are in now, you have to plan right for your finance so your business can still thrive even during crisis. Also, your business should be ready to face the post-pandemic reality. Here are some tips to hitch the best financial plan:

Gather your team to discuss important things. You can consult with your financial and legal team first to see what you can plan. It is even better if you have an ideal consisted of financial advisor, legal counsel, payroll expert, as well as accountant. If you don’t have a team ready, then you can start building one. You can your business partners to recommended you the right people to be in your team.

financial planning

Try to avoid being in a panic mode especially during crisis. If you fall into that state, it is easier for you to lose focus. Also, it will bring negative energy to the overall people involved in your business such as employees. Instead of panicking, you can try your best to communicate openly and transparently with your team. Thus, any questions and confusions can be cleared. Having confidence during crisis is not easy. However, you can do it if you trust yourself and your team to plan the right strategy. 

Building reserve from the beginning is necessary. It will be your live safe when you face unexpected things such as this pandemic. When you have reserves, your business will be more flexible in facing difficult times because cash offer more solutions. At least, your business will stay afloat while waiting for the situation to get better. 

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Calculate lowest operating cost so you already have more accurate numbers on hand. When making plan for your business especially for its finance, always plan something to face the worst scenario. Thus, you know what to do and what you need to survive when crisis hits you. The plan based on the worst scenario can be better developed and executed well since you know what you really need for your business to survive. 

If you have already a plan made based on worst scenario, what you need to do when facing crisis is to review them more thoroughly since you already have all necessary documents ready. Then, do not skip to review your exit plans or revise them if necessary. Be ready to develop a plan to avoid severe financial loss.