How To Implementation of Bali Architecture in the villa


Indonesia’s incredible diversity of stunningly beautiful, comfortable, and functional architecture is shaped by the country’s unique cultural richness in harmony with nature. This is similar to the Bali architecture. Balinese architecture, as a well-known area in Indonesia, is a representation of the richness and distinctiveness of Indonesian architecture, which is frequently combined with modern style. So, how do you blend Bali architecture with modern design in your home?

How To Implementation of Bali Architecture in the villa

Implement Main Aspects of Architecture 

Beginning with the organization of space from the gate to the layout of the space, Bali architecture is heavily influenced by Hindu elements. For good air circulation, Bali architecture employs large windows or space between the roof and walls of the building. 

Design a bedroom with a carving-filled wall on the head of the bed and a large window overlooking a small garden. Natural stone is used to make the floor less slippery and as a symbol of harmony with the tropical environment.

Implement Main Aspects of Bali Architecture 

Bali builders will pay attention to harmonization when building a house. Harmonization with nature requires a yard that is large enough to be able to communicate with the natural surroundings. Trees with unique trunks blend beautifully with concrete road patterns interspersed with grass and huts along with a dumb bale of wood.

In Balinese architecture, the wall serves a spiritual purpose in addition to providing security and privacy from the outside. The shape of a box made of natural stone decorated with palm trees, banana trees, and rows of decorative bamboo on the entrance wall can be tried by combining Balinese house architecture with a modern style.

Actually, the goal of modern and Bali architectural styles is to provide human users with functional comfort.

Implementation of Bali architecture in the villa

In fact, many villas in Bali offer a calm and pleasant atmosphere with a go-green concept and a semi-open building. Bali architecture brings aspects of Bali which is the main attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. Architecture in Bali is very distinctive carrying aspects that are adjusted to the beliefs of the local peoples to get harmonization.

If we look at the concept of a traditional Balinese house, it will usually be broken down into bale-bale buildings. One yard can contain four to six main buildings, so traditional houses require a large area of land.

traditional house in bali

However, traditional houses are usually not inhabited by one family head, but one big family. In every Balinese architecture, there is always a small temple and a statue at the front of the residence.

This was deliberately done as a form of respect for their deceased ancestors. In addition, the temple is presented to uphold the human relationship with the Creator.

Villas in Bali take the concept of traditional houses with bale-bale whose function is more to relax with family.