Best Places to Visit in Papua Trip

Papua Trip

Papua, one of the most popular tourist destinations, has to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is located far away from central Indonesia like Java. Papua is covered in acres of the gorgeous rainforest as well as tinkling rivers and gushing waterfalls. Papua island is a home of Indonesia’s rich natural resources and offers a lot of beauty for each person to discover.  A journey to Papua island involves a very magical experience. The journey of Papua Trip provides a fascinating landscape, crazily clean water, a variation of wildlife, and beautiful treks in the mountains. Papua is also an important spot in terms of indigenous cultures, and you can get a glimpse at the amazing tribal art here in the form of ancient cave paintings that still exist in some spots. Here are the best places to complete the remote adventure to Papua island.

Papua Trip

A Papua trip to Raja Ampat is a must.

Raja Ampat is located in West Papua. The site is famous worldwide for its splendid marine biodiversity, which waits to be discovered by fantastic adventure. Not only for an underwater lover, for a traveler who prefers to explore the jungle by trekking to see the beautiful view, but Raja Ampat will also give you a wonderful experience. One thing you can’t miss on this Papua trip is to explore this island with a liveaboard. It is one of the best options to see as much of Raja Ampat as for a fantastic holiday.

Pulau Biak

Pulau Biak is one of Papua’s biggest offshore islands; it is covered in historical points of interest. You will find a friendly place with good snorkeling and diving options. Another place not to miss in Biak is exploring Cenderawasih Museum. Don’t forget to visit Taman Burung and Taman Anggrek to see the birds. You can also explore the other side of the island to take in Urdu and Samber’s stunning rock formations.

Lorentz National Park

Lorentz National Park is one of South East Asia’s largest protected areas but open to travelers to visit. This place is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Indonesia and the home of a famous mountain called The Carstensz Pyramid. There are hundreds of species of flora and fauna. You can also see there are hundreds of birds in the park. Travelers can also enjoy trekking and climbing up The Carstensz Pyramid, and then this is a place you need to visit.

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Manokwari for Papua Trip

Manokwari is a coastal town located right on the top of the Bird’s Head Peninsula and is of historical significance. This town merits a visit mainly for the natural attractions in the surrounding area, notably the Pegunungan Arfak. Close to this town you will find sunny Lemon Island where you can snorkeling and swimming.


If you want to get out and Papua, then consider a trip to Aikima. This place is the home of the Werapak Elosak Mummy. You can see a preserved corpse here. The preserved corpse dates from 300 years ago and is the body of an old chief smoked to prevent his body from decomposing.