Best Things To Do for Thrill Seeker Travelers


There are many types of travelers in the world. Some of them like to have relaxing activities such as visiting secluded places to isolate themselves from the bustle of the crowd. Some others like to challenges themselves with extreme activities because they find pleasure and satisfaction from them. However, you can do any type of travel and not to box yourself into certain type of traveler. You can take relaxing trip this month and take more thrilling trip next. 

Thrill seekers travel activities

If you are thrill seeker type of travelers, challenges are what make you feel alive during a trip or vacation. There’s a rush of adrenaline you seek from those extreme activities. Challenging yourself to do those types of activities can also make memorable experience you can share later. Here are recommended extreme activities you can try to for your next travel plan.

Best Things To Do for Thrill Seeker Travelers

Surfing down a volcano in Nicaragua

This is a great place for thrill seeker. A volcano is not a common thing you can use to surf down. In addition, you are not going to surf using a board but more like a wooden plank. However, this is what will make it more thrilling. The raw experience is what you will get. It is not the same as when you surf in the ocean. Don’t expect to stay clean after surfing down the volcano. Also, expect some bruises and cuts if you fall off the plank. This activity is often called ash boarding and it can be learnt if you are interested to do it more in the future so you can do it smoothly later.

Bungee jumping off the Macau Tower

You must have heard of Macau Tower. It is one of the tallest buildings in the world at 764 feet. It is one of the most exhilarating bungee in the world. Of course, the process of being plummeted down the tower must be terrifying. However, it is totally worth it because the adrenaline rush will make you feel more awake. Besides, you will get to enjoy a great view of the city and the open water. 

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Cage diving

Cage diving is also considered an extreme activity especially when you are surrounded by the great white sharks. Being that close to white sharks will be an unforgettable memory for you. The way the predators watch you when you are inside the cage will make you goosebumps. There are many destinations where you can try cage diving such as Isla Guadalupe, or South Africa. 


Skydiving from 30,000 feet is such an extreme activity to try worth travelling for. You can try High-Altitude, Low Opening skydiving. This way, you will be able to enjoy the view from above. To do this extreme activity safely, you will need to be equipped by oxygen tank and mask especially because the thin air which will make it hard for you to breathe properly without using them. If you are a vivid thrill seeker, you should try this at least once in a lifetime.