Discover Belgium, Your Next Travel Festination in Europe!


Belgium is one of the smaller countries in the European region, it has many interesting things, which make tourists feel at home when visiting the country. Call it the very famous chocolate delicacy. In addition, this constitutional monarchy is also known as a medieval city, with its Renaissance drawings well preserved to this day. In addition, the country that has been named the capital of the European Union, precisely in the city of Mons, has various interesting tourist attractions that you should visit, if you have the opportunity. What is interesting about this country is that it uses 2 languages for daily conversations, namely French and Dutch, but some people also use German.

Visit Le Petit Julien

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Belgium is Le Petit Julien or also known as Pis Mannequin. It is located in the capital of Belgium, Brussels, at the intersection of Rue du Chêne and Rue de l’étuve. This mannequin is so called because it is a statue of a boy urinating in a swimming pool. This statue itself was made in 1619 by Hieronymus Duquesnoy Elder. This statue is only 61 cm high and is made of bronze. It is one of the emblematic statues of the Belgian capital. The reason why this statue was made is quite unique and heroic. How could it not be, the little boy accidentally peed on a bomb, so that the bomb did not explode.

The Park of the Fiftieth Anniversary

This place is not just any garden, but a park that serves to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the independence of the Belgian state. Built around 1880, during the reign of King Leopold II, this park is located in the city of Brussels, more precisely at the end of the European quarter.


One of the tourist attractions in Belgium that is quite famous in Belgium. In fact, this building could be a landmark for the country of Belgium. This place is easy to visit because it is located in Brussels, which is none other than the capital of Belgium. It was built in 1959 when an exhibition called Brussels World’s Fair was held. There are 9 giant atoms, using a brilliant white color, 5 of which are open to tourists. Inside these atoms, there are exhibition halls, public spaces and also a catering area.

Miniature of Europe

There are about 350 miniatures, there are some at this place. All of them are different types of famous buildings scattered in 80 cities of Europe. The different buildings in question include the Colosseum in Spain, the Eifel in France, the Tower of Pisa in Italy, the Berlin Wall in Germany, and many others. Voila!