Experience the Luxury Komodo Sailing Cruise With Phinisi


Labuan Bajo has developed into a gateway for tourists to explore the waters of Komodo National Park. Based on the information, many fishing boats in Bajo have turned into phinisi. Because Labuan Bajo and its surroundings are an attraction for tourists to meet directly with rare animals, the Komodo dragon, and enjoy the spectacular underwater scenery. Tourism, especially the Komodo sailing cruise, is the livelihood that is the pulse of the city of Bajo. 

Experience the Luxury Komodo Sailing Cruise With Phinisi

Luxurious Komodo Sailing cruise in Labuan Bajo

The phinisi ship is an authentic Indonesian ship, to be precise it comes from the Sulawesi area. Currently, in Labuan Bajo, many ship operators are competing to offer more facilities on phinisi ships. The phinisi boats available in Labuan Bajo come with various choices. The thing that distinguishes one from another is the facilities and size of the ship. Indeed, the price will vary.

Sailing with a phinisi is perfect for those who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday and not be in a hurry. On the other hand, if the vacation time is tight, fast boats are a more appropriate choice. Well, phinisi is suitable for island hopping activities, aka traveling from one island to another in a relaxed manner. These islands lie along the Sape Strait which separates the Bajo on Flores Island from Sumbawa. Rinca, Padar, and Komodo are the three main islands that you must visit when you are traveling to Labuan Bajo.

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Of course, not only sailing around one island to another, water tourism such as snorkeling or diving is also a holiday menu with phinisi depending on the facilities offered. For example, there are those who offer to swim among the stingrays that gather at Manta Point. Meanwhile, those who don’t really like water activities can enjoy trekking on the islands around Labuan Bajo such as Padar Island or Komodo Island. In fact, some offer both.

Komodo Boat Charter Facilities

Although the Komodo cruise facilities offered to vary depending on the level of luxury of the ship, in general, the phinisi boats offered for tourism in Labuan Bajo are quite comfortable. Usually, the crew consists of the captain, tour guide, cook, and several other crew members. The minimum Komodo sailing cruise facilities are cabins for sleeping with air conditioning, bathrooms and eating on board.

Most exciting, generally there is an upper deck to enjoy the atmosphere of the sea. The top-level on a phinisi ship is usually an empty deck filled with recliners and a number of bean bags. For boat dwellers who like to sunbathe, this is the most suitable place to relax and spend the day.

Komodo Boat Charter Facilities - double cabin

For those who do not like the sun is too hot, Komodo boat is also a favorite place to enjoy the sunrise in the morning or the sunset in the evening. At night, it’s also fun to chat while enjoying the sprinkling of stars in the sky or the sparkling lights of other ships.

The scenery that is served is usually in the form of the sea and views of the hilly islands around Labuan Bajo. Interestingly, the islands around Labuan Bajo have two contrasting colors that are equally beautiful. In the dry season, the islands and hills usually look yellow in the hot sun, while in May-June, Labuan Bajo has just finished the rainy season, so the scenery around the island will be green.