Exploring Glorious Beachfront Resorts In Nusa Dua & Around


What are you looking for when on vacation to Bali? Sunsets? sunrise? Beach or nightlife? Most tourists visit Bali to enjoy spectacular beach views with white sand. Bali has some of the nicest sandy beaches in the world, as well as a vast choice of excellent luxury beachfront resorts in Nusa Dua and a diverse range of activities. For dedicated surfers, especially those from Australia, the various surf areas are a big draw. The lavish spas strewn over the island provide a fascinating glimpse into Balinese spa culture, adding to the island’s enchantment.

Plan your limited holiday and enjoy beachfront resorts in Nusa Dua

If your vacation time is limited, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the luxury and comfort while on vacation. Beachfront resorts in Nusa Dua are very popular for a comfortable vacation for you and your family. The Nusa Dua area is the most luxurious holiday area with a calm atmosphere compared to Kuta, Seminyak, or Legian. 

Things you can do in Nusa Dua

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

A massive monument of the beneficent Hindu deity Vishnu riding on the back of the mythical garuda eagle serves as the centerpiece. The 121-meter-high monument is supported by a 46-meter-high pedestal, making it one of Southeast Asia’s highest structures.

garuda wisnu kencana

Plaza Wisnu, on the park’s highest level of grounds, hosts cultural performances and world-class events on a regular basis. You’ll also come across Parahyangan Somaka Giri, a natural spring said to have mystical healing properties. The water is rich in minerals that have medicinal properties.

Devdan Show

The Devdan Show takes you on a 90-minute tour across the Indonesian archipelago. A boy and a girl who uncover a magical box packed with things representing each island and culture narrate and act out the play.

devdan show

Dances depicting the different cultures of Indonesia, including Bali, Sumatera, Java, Borneo, and Papua, are performed by expert dancers and acrobats, providing nonstop thrills.

Pandawa Beach

Staying at a beachfront resort in Nusa Dua makes it easy for you to reach many popular destinations in this area. Pandawa beach is one of the popular beaches in Nusa Dua. 

pandawa beach

Pandawa Beach is a one-kilometer stretch of beach concealed among limestone cliffs. The beach is around 8 kilometers southwest of Nusa Dua’s downtown area, making it a good place to get away from the crowds. Pandawa has spectacular seaside views and massive limestone cliffs with deeply carved arches that shelter gigantic sculptures. Each sculpture portrays one of the Five Pandawas from the Mahabharata epic.

Puja Mandala

If you want to see the harmony of the 5 religions in Indonesia, then you can only see it in Bali.

The Puja Mandala complex houses five temples dedicated to Indonesia’s major faiths. Its hilltop compound, which includes a Buddhist temple, a Hindu temple, a Catholic church, a Protestant church, and a mosque, is meant to be a symbol of religious unity.

puja mandala

The mosque features an antique prayer drum and a handwritten Quran, while the Buddhist temple’s main entrances are guarded by statues of enormous white elephants and bodhisattvas. Weddings and religious holidays are frequently held at Puja Mandala.