Finding The Best Foods In Any Town You Travel To


It is true that food is part of your sustenance when travelling. However, it is more than just that. Speaking of foods when travel, what you are looking for is also authenticity, culture, and experience. From tasting the foods, you can actually taste a place. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you no just go to the nearest restaurant from your hotel. Instead, have your game plan based on things you are interested in such as local produces, dishes, popularity, specialty, old-generations recipes, etc.  Then, you will gain experience that is so much more than just finishing a meal during your trip. 

Malaysia Street Hawker cooking Clay pot Chicken Rice in night market at Kuala Lumpur.

How to find best foods when travel

Each place you visit must have different characteristics and historical background which influence its type of cuisines the locals enjoy. If you want to find the real experience from hunting the best foods during your trip, here are some useful tips you may consider:

Avoid finding foods around popular tourist attractions

It might be more convenient for you to eat at the nearest restaurant from popular tourist attraction you are visiting. However, it’s more recommended to explore farther Foods sold around famous tourist attraction tend to be ridiculously pricey. Hence, try move a block or two away down a side street and you will find better food options with more reasonable prices. 

Try a two-block rule

There’s a travel hack suggested by Terry Durack, a restaurant critic, called the two-block rule. It is when you just move in a two-block radius (from the hotel where you stay at) to find great cafes, coffee shop, restaurant, wine shop, bakery, etc. Some travelers have tried this trick and admitted that it was a pretty much useful hack. To find the best foods, it’s highly recommended to stay at a hotel where there is a dedicated food tour. This kind of area is usually a district that has a strong food culture. 

Ask for recommendation on social media platforms

If you have social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, might as well as your mutuals for food recommendations. It will be pretty fast for you to be flooded with responses. You will get recommendations of best culinary scenes that might worth a try. 

Remember the local name of the food

If you plan on visiting a place, research and remember the name of the foods you want to try. For example you want to visit Bali and find the most suggestions of food to try is Sate Lilit. Then, ask the local where you can find the best Sate Lilit. 

Watch bloggers

Yes, food bloggers or vloggers have a bunch of food recommendations along with the reviews of the price, taste, and information of the locations. It’s worth to watch them so you can make your own list of foods you want to try in your destination later. You can simply search food blogger or vlogger and type the town or place you’d like to visit. Google will give you unlimited suggestions.