Have A Wonderful Trip for This Winter To Italy


Having a trip during winter may not always as ideal as you thought. However, it also depends on the destination you choose. For winter, you should be more selective in choosing your travel destination. Choose a place that will still provide you the best things to explore even with extreme temperature. There are many places in the world fits for winter getaway. One of the most recommended places is Italy. Basically, Italy is a great travel destination you can visit anytime regardless of the season. It has literally everything to keep you happy and entertained during your visit. However, there are many more things to see and do in Italy especially during winter. 

What to do and see in Italy during winter

Italy is a perfect travel destination for this winter. There are many events and places you can go to which will make you feel warmer in the middle of very low temperature. here are what you can enjoy to the best during your trip to Italy for this winter:

Venice, of course.

Explore Venice to explore the streets, arcades, and more. During winter, this place turns into a more mystical and magical city. During your visit to Venice, you will be presented with lights and Christmas trees. From day to night, you can feel the buzz of energy of this particular city in Italy. It is even better if you choose to book a hotel around Venice so you don’t have to make a long trip when you want to explore many places. 

venice in winter

Christmas eve at St. Peter’s Basilica

Enjoy your Christmas at St. Peter’s Basilica. Christmas Eve Mass is already a tradition in this particular spot. If you want to join the mass, make sure to buy a ticker in advance. It is said to be the hardest ticket to get. The basilica can fit to 15,000 people. However, it is considered the hottest place to go to for Christmas Eve so getting the ticket can be very tough. You are recommended to buy the ticket 2-6 months prior. The mass is started at 9.30 pm and being broadcast on national television.

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If you are considered yourself a bookworm, might as well checkout BookCity Milan. You may have known Milan as fashion and design city. However, there is special celebration this November with all the things literary. This is a book-fest where there will be about 1,500 events held involving 3,000 authors. The events include lectures, readings, and performances. Those will be held at the venues throughout the city. Who knows maybe you finally get the chance to meet your favorite author. 

Art exhibitions

If you are into art, Italy still your best destination to spend your holiday this winter. It is because there will be numerous exhibits marked the anniversary of Raphael’s death. You must have known that he was a great Renaissance painter died in 1520. there is Rapahel show to celebrate the anniversary at the Museo della Permenente, Milan. You can see the artist’s works and story presented through the immersive multimedia show.