How To Enjoy Your Visit To Budapest During Winter


Budapest is one of must visit travel destinations in Europe especially during winter. This place can make even the coldest weather feel warmer. This capital city of Hungary is especially lively during winter. If you want to have a perfect winter getaway, Budapest is a perfect destination. This is where you get to enjoy cozy winter atmosphere with classic and romantic architectural creations in almost every corner of the streets. When you see Budapest during winter, it is like watching a classic Christmas movie. 

things to do in budapest winter

Why Budapest is perfect for winter getaway 

Budapest is a place in which you can truly feel the richness of the culture and how steep their tradition is. Winter charms draw people all around the world to visit Budapest every year. Magical winter can be felt strongly in this place. Here are things you can do during your winter vacation in Budapest:

Christmas market

Exploring Christmas markets is a must during your visit in Budapest. There are many things to enjoy during your visit to the Christmas markets including traditional dishes, Mulled wine, beautiful crafts and arts, and more. The Christmas markets in Budapest take place in November to January every winter. During those times, the number of visitors are significantly increased. There are many Christmas markets you can visit in Budapest. One of the most recommended is The Vorosmarty Square market hosting over 120 stalls. 

City Park Ice Ring

Enjoy your time at Budapest’s City Park Ice Rink. This is where you can go skating to the fullest in Budapest during winter. It is one of the most famous skating destinations in Hungary. This rink is also one of the oldest and largest in Europe since it was opened in 1870. during summer, the rink is filled with water and used as boating lake. During winter, this is a perfect place for skating. Admission fee is varied by age. 

Spoil yourself in spas

Spas and thermal baths are a must when it comes to travelling around Budapest. This city itself is dubbed as the City of Spas. There are about 118 natural thermal springs scattered throughout the city. The baths are beautiful and renowned for their relaxing effects and medicinal benefits. There are many thermal baths you can choose in Budapest. During winter, they are often full with visitors. One of the most recommended thermal baths is Szechenyi that owns 10 indoor pools. 

Christmas light tram

Christmas light tram is a must try when you visit Budapest during winter. Budapest has Fenyvillamos that is put into operation during winter with 3,9000 lights covering its body. It operates from 5.p.m throughout December and January. It is a 50-yeard-old Ganz UV tram which operates across the city and lighten up the atmosphere. 

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Buda Castle and Varkert Bazar are very iconic spots in Budapest. You can visit them during winter since they offer magical vibe and atmosphere. Buda Castle is imposing yet beautiful while overlooking the city. Varkert Bazar is the Castle Garden offering beautiful nature and art. It is also where you can spot bars, restaurants, and outdoor spaces for special events.