How to Get Best Deal on Komodo Liveaboard Budget


The far flung and rugged Komodo National Park of Flores, Indonesia, rise as traveler’s newest hype destination and that’s for amazing reasons. Being utterly isolated in frontier just make saring trip across this mini archipelago better. Right, sailing trip is one of the best way to explore strings of islands that make up the national park—as well as the KNP’s best feature that make trips to this destination so phenomenal. However, trip with liveaboard could be quite costly—especially if you want to sail in a quality liveaboard. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here we’re going to share secret cheats to get good quality Komodo liveaboard on budget. 

How to Get Best Deal on Komodo Liveaboard Budget

Look Out for Budget Komodo Liveaboard in the Market

Before you fly to Labuan Bajo, Komodo, the first thing you need to do is researching all kinds of Komodo liveaboard on the market. A lot of liveaboard boats have their own websites where they put all the prices, packages, and inquiry form. You could also find liveaboard listings on many websites where you can see liveaboard of all levels. There, you will get complete information about each liveaboard’s facility, prices, and packages. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of tempting liveaboard boats, so always remember to stick into your purpose! Forget all tempting cruises, yachts, and finer liveaboard that out of your budget. 

Check Out for All Inclusive Packages

Sometimes, checking budget liveaboard to Komodo can be tricky. Some liveaboard operators claim to be the cheapest, only to find out that they exclude all additional packages. A liveaboard that seems like more expensive than other budget boats might turn out the cheapest as they include prices of services, park’s entry fees, and other ‘hidden’ cost on their price. In other words, don’t get easily fooled by cheap price on screen.

Seek Out Last Minute Deals

Some liveaboard boats offer a very worthy last minutes deals if you’re aware of it! This is great for travelers who are flexible with timing. Especially if you plan to go alone or in a small group of 24 people. A lot of Komodo liveaboard offer last minute spots that haven’t been taken in bargain prices. Anytime you’re eyeing a particular liveaboard, watch its departure schedule. If it’s near, you can always try this method. 

Follow Komodo Liveaboard Budget Operator on Social Media

On some occasion, some liveaboard operators in Komodo announce discounts and deals that they don’t publish at the website. Instead, they publish it on social media—sometimes even in short time-frame medium like Facebook’s or Instagram’s story! Keep close with the liveaboard you’ve been eyeing by following their social media. You don’t want to skip on these limited deals. 

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Arrange A Group Trip

One way to get a cheaper rate of Komodo budget liveaboard is by arranging a group tour. If you are booking the whole liveaboard for large group of people, sometimes they will give you a free spot! There are two way to take the advantage. First, you can charge everyone with the normal price and get the free spot for yourself. Two, you can spit the free spot discount with all your friends and everyone can get cheaper booking rate.

Don’t Go on High Season

It’s a common recipe in the world of travelling. Just like any other accommodations and transportations, liveaboard’s prices usually surge up nearing and during high season. Shoulder and low seasons are, obviously, the best time to get best Komodo liveaboard deals.