How To Make Your Visit to Petra More Enjoyable


Petra is one of the most visited tourists attraction in the world and it makes sense because it is a majestic ancient archaeological site. It is even crowned as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. There are many viewpoints in Petra you can truly enjoy during your visit. Petra is located in Jordan and it’s pretty accessible. Therefore, it attract lots of international travelers. If you are into historical travel destination, Petra is a perfect choice. You can learn more about the historical values behind the stunning Treasury as well as admire the architectural points of it. 

Make your visit in Petra more enjoyable

Jordan is a safe place to visit in general. As for dangers and threats are not that different from other tourist attractions in the world. So here are some tips to optimize your visit in Petra and make it more enjoyable for you:

Pick the right timing

Choose the right time to visit Petra. It is highly recommended to visit Petra during spring which is around March-May. If you visit during summer, you will have to deal with the unbearable heat which can reach up to 36 degrees Celsius. You can also visit Petra in autumn which is around September-November. The temperature during spring or autumn are more bearable which is about 18-25 degrees Celsius. To explore the site, it is recommended to go during sunrise or sunset to witness the most stunning view from the lookout. The quality of lights during those times are perfect for taking stunning pictures. 

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Go slow

To make your journey in exploring the site of Petra more enjoyable, choose a slower pace. Thus, you can truly appreciate every corner of the place. It also gives your body time to adjust with the surroundings. Walking throughout the site can take up to two hours or more. However, there is no need to go in a rush. You will be able to explore the whole site in a day. 

Bring food and drinks

It is highly possible to get thirsty and hungry during your tour in Petra. It is highly suggested to bring your own bottled water and snacks. There are restaurants at the Visitor Center if you forget to bring yourself snacks or drinks. However, the price can be very expensive so you’d better prepare your money in advance. 

Beware of persistent sellers

You might be bothered by the locals who try to sell many things to you. They are quite persistent. It is best to turn down the offers to avoid hassles. You can focus more on the tour. Do not look at anything if you don’t have plan to buy anything because the sellers might interpret you are interested to buy something from them. Reject them politely to avoid any confrontation. 


To make your journey in Petra more enjoyable, choose the right accommodation. There are various hotels you can book in advance. You can also choose a hotel located near Petra. There are plenty of accommodations within 10 minute walking distance from Petra if you choose to stay the night in Petra. Research the accommodation in advance to choose the best one that fit your budget and preference. 

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