How to Truly Appreciate Your Komodo Boat Trip


After all the hassle of booking, now you are finally going to your dream Komodo boat trip to cruise the wild and wonderful Komodo National Park. Everything has been prepared. The only thing you need to do is waiting for departure and embracing wild possibilities in this isolated destination. Don’t think too much. Here’s some simple way to enjoy your time in a boat trip across the national park. 

A Komodo boat trip under pink sky

Things Could Change in Komodo Boat Trip. Be As Flexible as You Could

You gonna need a lot of patience and flexibility when it comes to sailing in a remote frontier. If you are used to have things precisely your way and don’t have any room for a slight change, you gonna have a bad time. Be prepared to have things changes on Komodo boat trip, sometimes even on last minutes. The sea might suddenly get too rough too pass. Some dive site might experience changes in currents—which get too dangerous to dive in. You might come during Komodo Dragons’ mating season, and get lesser spotting of these beasts than what you have pictured in mind. Maybe the breakfast doesn’t come as what you usually have at home. If you want to truly enjoy a trip to Komodo, don’t bring too much emotional baggage. Have a big heart and you’ll be okay. 

The World is So Big, So Open Your Mind!

Unless you book a whole Komodo boat charter, you are going to have an open trip with other travelers. That means you are going to share the boat with people from all over the world. Don’t be offended if a couple of the passengers (or the crew) is not talking in English! Also, respect their personal beliefs, custom, and tradition that they may bring to the boat. Between the limited space of Komodo boat and the laid-back life, there’s no room for intolerance!

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Take A Quiet Break Between Excursions for Yourself

The Komodo liveaboard boat trip would definitely take you to breathtaking places. The rugged rugged habitat of wild Komodo Dragons, the scenic Padar Island, the rare and charming pink beach, and other beautiful islands under and above the water. While all the diving and islands excursions are definitely satisfying, they could quickly drain your energy. Make time between the trip to have a moment of solitude. Find a quiet place on the Komodo boat to just read a book, watch passing sceneries, or sipping drink to replenish your inner energy. 

Have A Talk with Komodo Boat Trip Crews

Want to have deep insider insight about the mysterious Komodo? Go to talk with the crews! Spending time with the locals are one of the best way to have authentic, memorable experience at a new place. While most places on Komodo national park is devoid of local residents, the closest thing you can do is having some chit chat with the boat crews. Talk about local Indonesian dish you have on the boat, some local customs in Komodo, or the nature of Komodo waters—if you are a keen diver. Who knows, maybe they could offer rare stories that you’ve never heard in official guides!