Indulging Your Kids During The Trip To Tokyo


Tokyo is like a paradise for kids to spend their holiday. There are so many things to see and spots to visit during a trip to Tokyo. Bringing your kids will only bring more joy to them. Japan is already a popular travel destination for any kind of travelers of all ages. Tokyo especially has everything you need to indulge your kids during the trip. From excellent robots to yummy foods, there won’t be a day you spend with boredom. The city itself is so vibrant and lively. It is a great city to spark the excitement of a journey. 

Where to bring your kids in Tokyo

Tokyo is a great family trip destination because there are various family-friendly things to enjoy. It is also a great city to let your kids learn more about modern life and traditional cultures on one setting. Not to mention that Tokyo is a great destination for your kids who are also a tech savvy enthusiasts.

Robot Restaurant is a great spot to visit where you can bring your kids. It is a family-friendly restaurant located in Shinjuku. It has stadium seating in a basement for the guests who visit. The most interesting part is the robots that roam around the place freely. They dance to a variety of music blazing through the sound system. There are varieties of foods and drinks your kids will enjoy including sushi bento boxes. The entertainment is the main attention here. 

If your kids prefer nature, it is recommended to visit Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. It is not surprising that access to nature is so easy when it comes to Tokyo regardless of its label as an urban city. This green space is full of towering trees, winding paths, wildlife, as well as three vast gardens. Each garden has a different concept. There are English Garden, French Garden and of course, Japanese Garden. You and your kids can have a relaxing time by laying down in the grass. 

The Harajuku District is also highly recommended especially if your kids are fashion lovers. This is a place to indulge your kids’ fashion sense. There are colorful makeup, clothing, unique fashion items, and more. Not to mention that you can treat your kids to some interesting sweets. There are various shops and eateries you can visit during your exploration in the district. Not to mention that there is the Harajuku Bridge you and your families should visit as well. 

Tokyo is a great place to introduce your kids to Japanese culture. There are many things they can learn during the trip which can make them understand more about the concept of diversity and tolerance. It is highly recommended to visit the Imperial Palace which is only 10 minutes away from the Tokyo Station. The palace is the residence of the Emperor of Japan. Aside from the main residence, there are also the private ones used for the Imperial family. There are also museum, the Kyoko Gaien National Garden, the East Garden, and Kitanomaru Park you can visit.