Keeping Tourism Alive By Travelling More Responsibly


It is already known by general public that 2020 is the year where people around the world travel the least due to the global pandemic that hot almost every place all around the world. It is like a sudden break for everyone because it feels like the world stops. There have been many issues caused by the pandemic and travel industry is also affected by them. Lots of people are getting worried about tourism that wouldn’t be able to bounce back. However, it is believed that tourism will be able to bounce back but there’s a need for positive changes to support more sustainable future for all of us. 

How to travel more responsibly for more sustainable future

It is not a secret that even though tourism contribute a lot in the growth of economy, it is also one of the major causes of damaged sites especially the places that have cultural or religious values. Overtourism has been an issue because how damage it has caused to our planet. 

There have been positive outcomes from the pandemic such as lower air pollution, cleaner water, etc. It shows that we can actually do so much better with out travel habits. A year where people travel less has made our planet so much doesn’t mean we should stop travelling for good because it has been part of our lives. What we all can do is to travel more responsibly, making sure to support more sustainable future. And here are some of the approaches you can do as travelers:

Consider more local trips in your travel plan

It is such a great idea to travel locally so you can support locally owned-businesses such as restaurants, tour guides, hotels, guesthouses, etc. Find out more information about the attractions or interesting places you’d like to visit around your neighborhood and region. Then see what kind of plan you can pull off to support local tourism. 

Go where you are needed

This is probably not something many travelers think about when it comes to travelling. Many travelers might think about what places they want to visit, what kind of joy they want to look for, what culture they want to learn more. However, it can be a great idea to start travelling to places that need a visit. Some destinations really rely on tourism to survive and you may consider this to be in your bucket list. It will make such a huge difference in the people’s lives. 

Embrace slow travel

Slow travel allows you to fully enjoy the adventure you are taking. It encourages you to take slower pace with your trip so you can fully appreciate the places you visit closely. It enables you to find values from the things you see. It also makes your trip more meaningful because instead of rushing from one place to another, you go slow and learn something new. Slow travel is also one of the best ways for you to support sustainable tourism and future.