Learn More about Accessible Travel


You must have known that travelling is important. You need it once in a while. It is like taking a break from hectic life to get a breather. However, travelling can also cause some stress especially in the matter of preparation. Of course, you can also travel spontaneously. However, the risk of facing more problems is even more stressful to know. So, imagine how stressful can it be for those who have disability to prepare for travelling. Thus, there is accessible travel, a kind of travel by people with disability. This type of travel has appeared due to lack of inadequate facilities, causing people with disability unable to really enjoy the travel. Even if they can travel, other problems may occur such as higher prices or general troubles that other travelers don’t face.

Tips for accessible travel

Each traveler has different needs and preferences. This also happens to people with disability. You should know that people with disability don’t need charity or pity. What they need is the equal opportunity to be able to travel the world and experience many things they have dreamt of. So here are some tips for accessible travel:

  • The first thing when it comes to travelling is choosing destination. This is important for every traveler. As for people with disability, it is also important to choose destination that accommodate disabled citizen as well as travelers properly. It includes proper infrastructure to basic needs such as wheelchairs and scooter access, wide selection of accommodation, as well as restaurants. It is important because not all country support or provide those. One of the best solution aside from doing your own research is to find travel agent specializing in disabled travel.
  • Prepare, prepare, and prepare. It sounds like a mantra. However, preparation for travelling is not only important for disabled travelers but also other travelers. Your health should be on top of your priority. Before booking a trip, make sure to consult your physician to know if the trip you planned is safe for you. You may also need to get immunization. Your physician will provide you advice, tips, as well as medicines to survive the trip. Your physician will also give you prescription drugs for emergency.
  • Before departing to your destination, make sure to pack everything you need including medication, health letter describing your condition, and of course other necessities including clothes, wheelchairs or scooters. If you are planning to take your guide dog, make sure to confirm this to your travel agent. Thus, they can provide everything you and your dog need for safe travel.
  • It is recommended to travel with someone for disable travelers. However, you can also trust this assistant issue to your travel agent. There are some travel agents who specialize in accessible travel. They can provide everything you need for comfortable and safe travel started from accommodation, food, and transportation. Therefore, there is no reason for disable people to experience fun and memorable travel. With the right travel agent and preparation, yiur travel plan will go smoothly.