Optimize your Seminyak Villas Experience


For so many good reasons, staying in Seminyak villas will be a perfect choice for your holiday vacation. Seminyak is an area in North Kuta where everything is just excellent. It is home to many beautiful golden sand beaches which are ideal for surfing, enjoying the sunset, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. Not only that, but Seminyak is also well known for the best spa in Bali, trendy hot spots and delicious food. That is exactly why you need to stay in Seminyak. And staying in Seminyak won’t be complete without renting a villa. It does not matter if you travel alone, with your partner, family or groups, Seminyak villas have all the options for every budget.

Seminyak villas

Leisure time in Seminyak Villas

Seminyak is surely the specialist for the utmost villa experience. These villas feature a tropical scene with their modern as well as traditional designs. Stretch your body and breath deeply to stimulate your mind in the morning. Make the most of your holiday with a relaxing morning in Seminyak private villa Bali. You can also throw a party at night with the facade of light reflection from the pool. You will never run out of ideas, there is always something splendid to do when staying in one of those charming villas in Seminyak.

Explore the surroundings

A few days of staying in Bali villas Seminyak surely is not enough to discover everything Seminyak has to offer. However, you can still occupy your precious time with so much fun things to fulfill. Seminyak provides you with the possibility to walk along the area and pay a visit to the attractive designer boutiques and shops you see on the way to the beach. There are also plenty of great restaurants to find along the street. When the night comes, it is time to experience the chic nightlife in Seminyak. Besides walking, you can also call a cab or hire a moped to move easily from one place to another.

Balinese identity in Seminyak

One of the most important things to see while in Bali is, of course, its cultural landmark. The 16th-century-old temple called Pura Petitenget is the signature and a must-see site when staying in Seminyak villas. The temple has the same name as the street where it is located and it can be casually translated as “magic box”. The locals believe that a temple like Pura Petitenget is a “chest” that imprison evil spirits. Pura Petitenget ought to be a good starter to get to know the culture of Bali.