Senior Travel Tips for Sailing with Liveaboard Labuan Bajo


Labuan Bajo’s breathtaking views on undulating lush hills and outlandish wildlife seems to have charmed everyone who’s keen to explore the world, and senior citizens are no exception. It’s been previously common to see the elders taking their leisure time on Labuan Bajo’s infamous sister , Bali. Now, Bali and Labuan Bajo is just one hour flight away, and we see many senior travelers begin to expand on their little tropical expedition. But here’s the thing; unlike Bali, Labuan Bajo and the Komodo National Park is naturally a rough adventure. It’s remote, it gets minimum (and legit limited, given their conservation status) infrastructure, and it’s only accessible with water transportation. Means that you will embark on a sailing trip with a Liveaboard Labuan Bajo. On the good side, sailing on Komodo is exciting and truly eye-opening! But everything has downside, and when you might have concerns on liveaboard choice, safety, trip schedules, and level of comfort that you are willing to compromise. Here are some special considerations to keep in mind if you have Labuan Bajo on your destination list. 

Senior Travel Tips for Sailing with Liveaboard Labuan Bajo

Choose Senior-Friendly Liveaboard Labuan Bajo

In ideal world, you would want to book a tour specialising on senior travel. But Labuan Bajo is young on tourism—it only got worldwide famous in less than a decade ago. Finding a senior exclusive tour is near impossible—unless you gather a group of other senior-travelers and charter a liveaboard Labuan Bajo. So while we can hope that they would open senior-special tour packages in Komodo in the near future, you can choose a senior-friendly boats that ticks this lists:

  • Equipped with cabins to sleep in. This means  you won’t sleep in deck’s floor) 
  • Non-bunkbed cabins. Always choose double/ single bed over bunkbed. 
  • Have slippery mat in decks and stairs. We’ve seen some good liveaboard Labuan Bajo that have slippery mats to prevent accidents, and they can safe many lives. 
  • Flexible on the menu. A lot of seniors develop food intolerance/ having dietary restriction as they got older. Since the liveaboard will provide all your meals during the sailing trip, you better choose the one that can accommodate your certain diet. 
  • Smaller group. Having smaller group tours help to cater your travel needs better. Also, the crews would be more attentive on small-sized groups than bigger ones. 

Go for All-Inclusive Tour

When you are 60 years or older, you have to plan your travel well. Having an all-inclusive tour in Komodo would eliminate travel complexities. Everything would get easier as the tour company would handle all the arrangements and take care the details. All you have to do is just enjoying the experience. 

Know Your Stamina

The trip in Komodo involves a lot of walking, hiking, trekking, and diving. You will walk all the way in Rinca and Komodo island for the search of the dragons. A hike in Padar island and Gili Lawa to see the the phenomenal viewpoint. In between the island excursion, the majority of Liveaboard Labuan Bajo trips also features a number of diving and snorkelling. Sometimes they also prepare kayaks and paddle board for additional water sports. While all of these can be fun, it can drain your stamina very quickly. Also, be realistic of what you can actually do. Don’t think that because you want to hike, you can hike. Let the tour guide and the group knows your limitation, so they won;t rush/ force you when you can’t.