Solar Eclipse Destinations to Visit This Year


Everyone must have known that solar eclipse is a rare event and that not all the time you can see it. You can’t just expect it to happen every year as well. It is truly rare event that if you can watch it even accidently, it will be such a wonderful experience you must find it hard to forget. In United States, it has been reported that there won’t be any solar eclipse until 2024. However, you don’t have to expect solar eclipse to happen in U.S. It is reported that on July 2nd, there will be total eclipse in the Pacific Ocean. It will make a landfall on the coast of Chile, and keep moving to Argentina then finish over the Atlantic Ocean. It is said to be started from 04:39 until 05:40 pm.

Solar Eclipse Destinations to Visit This Year

Places where you can witness solar eclipse this year

If you are interested into solar eclipse event, might as well going all out and visit places where you can witness it firsthand. If you are planning to have a solar eclipse hunting, here are destinations you can go to:

  • La Serena is located in Chile. It’s been reported that this place is one of the most popular spots for eclipse hunters. Aside from watching solar eclipse, there’s so many fun things to do while you are in Chile. You can bask in a beautiful beach while sipping your cocktail. Chile is a great place to experience party atmosphere at its finest. You can enjoy watching the eclipse at the beach in La Serena. Not to mention there is also Humboldt Penguin Reserve nearby you can visit as well. During your solar eclipse hunting, you can stay at one of the boutique villas to get comfortable accommodation.
  • San Jose De Jachal is located in Argentina, specifically situated just the north of the infamous Mendoza. You won’t get bored while waiting for the solar eclipse event. There are so many things you can do to have some fun. There are popular attractions which can you visit to fill in the time when you are waiting the solar eclipse.
  • Elqui Valley is located in Chile which also where you can watch solar eclipse event. You will see the total solar eclipse in this international dark. This place is preserved for mountaintop observatories as well as quaint villages. Thus, you don’t have to watch the event in the middle of the crowd at the beach. You can instead go to this place and choose one of the observatories to watch the eclipse closely and clearly. If you are visiting with group, you can build a camp or rent a lodge.
  • Buenos Aires in Argentina is also a place where you can hunt solar eclipse this year. Try going south to the Laguna de Monte Lake which only takes an hour and a half drive away from Buenos Aires. This is where you can watch the solar eclipse from the horizon. Make sure to find perfect spot so you can watch it at its finest.