Travel Guides – What First Time Traveler Should Avoid


Everyone who finally set off to the new place will absolutely feel exciting but also little daunting that would lead them to make some mistakes. It’s true that you won’t get everything perfect with no flaws, but still, knowing the most common mistakes first traveler will do is worthy. Here some tips to make your traveling smoother and more ready.

Travel Guides – What First Time Traveler Should Avoid
  1. Over Packing

It’s sure worthy to take sleeping bag, but only if you are wishing to sleep outdoors. If you have planned hostels, then you shouldn’t take along the sleeping bag. Also, do not bring too many clothes because you are sure want to buy something local during your vacation.

Just like clothes, do not take more than two jeans since it needs more spaces no matter how you fold it. Rather than the big aid kit, you can select what you really need and left what you rarely use. Do not pack more than two pairs of shoes. But, you are suggested to bring enough soap because most hostels won’t supply it.

  1. Book for Everything

You may feel terrify since it’s your first time to travel overseas and think to have everything booked is more assure. However, booking for every hostels, transfer, breakfast, lunch and even every dinner would be really stiff that you won’t have flexibility to use your time. Don’t be ruled by the itinerary you’ve created and letting precious experience.

One of most essential things in traveling is to let you embrace every opportunity appears before your eyes. It’s surely great if you book your flights and accommodations previously, but booking for everything will only make your travelling tasteless. Try to find the rest by your own, it will mostly save you money.

  1. Get Panic Easily

As I’ve explained before that there’s no way everything would be perfect as you plan. There’s always something wrong and it doesn’t because you are not experienced yet.  You shouldn’t let yourself being fed up with everything goes wrong.

You should take easy if the hotel has missed your booking or you have lost some bucks. Just try to some other way to cope your problem and try enjoy every moment including the bad ones. Being freak or upset will only ruin your vacation right.

  1. Scam Target

Well, you realize that the world is not only consist of good people. There are also bad people who commit crimes easily including scam. Naïve traveler who has no experience will be their best target. There’s no easy way to detect and pass it since they all are professional. Just try to not let your guard down and do not easily hand big sum of money.

  1. Belittle the Expenses

You may have learnt through internet about how much you likely to spend in one certain area. But, everything is mostly going to be more expensive than you think. For safe estimation, you should double every cost and expenses you are going to spend. It’s wise to prepare more money before going on a trip.