Travel: Tourist Hotspot Destination


When it comes to traveling, of course one thing that you need to consider is: budget. The ideal is that you can go to a tourist hotspot destination without breaking your bank account or even selling out your kidney. Here are top 3 cheap yet chill getaways that you might want to consider:

Travel: Tourist Hotspot Destination

1. Puebla, Mexico

Perhaps only a few of you have heard about this city. Although it is the fourth largest city in Mexico, only the last decade Puebla has climbed up into the most sought after tourist hotspot destination. If you come around the city, you will find many of pleasant surprises, such as its unique language and culture. Added to one of the most precious UNESCO heritages, do not be surprised that you will encounter many tall, fabulous architecture. In this city, there are many beautiful historical centers as well as religious buildings, such as colossal churches and cathedrals. With delicious local food that will spoil your tongue, you might as well relax as get immersed in the tranquil atmosphere over there. One of the delicacies you must not miss out Puebla mole sauce, which is often served with chicken steak or even rice, the real representation of Puebla’s taste.

2. Hawaii, USA

You must have been very familiar with Hawaii. Yes, many travelers agree that it is one of tourist hotspot destinations you need to visit. You might think going to Hawaii can be expensive, but with the raise of demands, there are many cheap flights from the mainland. You can feel the refreshing breeze of the South Pacific while at the same time enjoying the nuances of America. One of the most recommended places is Maui, in which you will see the beautiful beaches with bright sun, trying out the sun tanning. At night, you can see many clubs as traditional markets over there. But if Maui is too crowded for you, you can also come to Lanai, a perfect place for golf lovers.

3. Laguna, the Philippines

According to some tourism polls, Laguna becomes one of the best budget tourist hotspot destinations you have to visit. Just like the popular white sand beaches in Palawan, Boracay or Cebu, you can always drop by at Siargao, the right place to surf in Philippines. However, if you only have a couple of days to stepover in Manila, the Province of Laguna is a perfect fit for you. There, you can try out its hot springs–like the one that San Pablo CIty has. You can also come to Pandin Lake and Yambo lake, in which you will be greeted by most breathtaking sceneries. To get there, you can take a public transportation, the tricycle. By paying less than $10, you can see the beautiful white sand with tropical trees. If you are a nature lover, you may as well visit San Pedro in Laguna Province. Over there, you will be able to release your stress by doing any kind of outdoor activities, such as cycling by the feet of the mountain and even opting for an overnight volcano acatenango hiking. Amazing, isn’t it?