What To Prepare To Visit Japan Post Pandemic


Japan is one of the busiest travel destinations especially before the global pandemic. It is one of the most iconic destinations because travelers can enjoy many things from beautiful landmarks to authentic foods. The global pandemic has limit travel industry in many ways. However, Japan plans to reopen their country and lift entry bans for tourists in 2021. As you may have known that the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 was postponed due to the covid-19. However, Japan will hold the event in July 2021 regardless of the situation of the global pandemic. Is it good news for you?

Planning your trip to Japan in 2021

The postponement of the event has helped in containing the spread of the covid-19. The situation now is getting better in japan and many other countries, hence the plan to reopen in mid 2021. However, the procedures and rules will be different to adapt with the post-pandemic reality.

The government of Japan plan to reopen their country without risking the spread of the covid-19. as of now, they are still carrying investigations into how and when they will fully lift the entry bans for The Tokyo Summer Olympics. This month, they already lifted the entry ban to non-citizen foreign residents as a start. Meanwhile, reopening the country to foreign tourists still need thorough precautions and considerations.

The plan is, the government will have coronavirus countermeasures set up for international tourists in January 2021. Then, it will be a trial basis to lift the entry ban for foreign tourists in April 2021. the situation will continuously be monitored in Japan and overseas so they can make the proper protocols accordingly.

If you plan to have a trip to japan next year, expect at least three steps of a journey as tourists which include arrival, stay, and departure. It is said that tourists will have to download a health management app that is now in the works. The government is also working on a ‘fever centre’. of course, foreign tourists who can enter the country should have a negative coronavirus test.

If foreign tourist is negative of coronavirus, quarantine in hotel is not necessary anymore. Meanwhile, those who are positive with coronavirus will have to take out private medical insurance. Tourists who are in Japan will have to keep reporting their health status on the app for 14 days since entering Japan. Furthermore, ‘Fever Centre’ is planned to be situated in Tokyo as s consultation support centre for foreign tourist hence the Japanese health system will not be too overwhelmed.

The government of Japan also said that they will continue the safety measures even after the Olympic ends as a way to revive safe, and healthy international tourism in the country. If you are planning to visit Tokyo for the Olympics, make sure to follow their procedures and rules for your and others’ safety. Always practice good hygiene and minimize contacting with other people. Wearing mask and frequently was your hands are still essentials even after the pandemic ends.