Why Shanghai Is A City Worth Travelling For


Shanghai is one of the most intriguing cities in the world. It is where the past, the present and the future meets in perfect blend and harmony. This is a city where you can experience riding the faster commercial train in the world. It is also a place where you can find the most iconic snack, ‘stinky tofu’. all in all, Shanghai is a great city to explore. Thus, choosing Shanghai as your destination for your next travel plan is such as wonderful idea. 

What makes Shanghai an interesting travel destination

There are many reasons why Shanghai is a great destination to venture to. Here are seevral of them:

Almost everything is accessible and reachable. There is nothing impossible in Shanghai. As mentioned earlier, you can ride the world’s fastest commercial train in this city to reach various places. Plus, everything delivers in Shanghai. If you have lazy day during your visit in Shanghai, everything you need will be ready in front of your door. Not to mention that they come in rather amazing speed. You don’t have to wait for too long to receive your order, no matter what it is. 

Muslim friendly is also a reason why Shanghai is accessible for everyone. It is often that Muslim travelers are limited to choose travel destination especially because some countries don’t make Muslim friendly foods or provide Muslim friendly facilities. In Shanghai, there is Muslim noodle shops which guarantee Muslim travelers to have halal foods. The noodles are created right in front of you. It is not only interesting but also fascinating to experience. 

Everything is possible and available in Shanghai including community karaoke. You can find it in the Fuxing Park where you can enjoy not only the park main interesting points but also the entertainment side which is the karaoke spot. That’s where you can find a group of retired folks gather around in the mid-afternoon and happily belting out Chinese tunes on microphone. They use a laptop to scan the lyrics of the songs. They like to liven up the performance to entertain the audience. 

Another great reason to travel to Shanghai is its affordability. Shanghai is a great destination even for budget travelers. You can have affordable grooming to have fresh look. The foods are also affordable, satisfying, and most importantly, delicious. There are various things you can afford to buy such as life-sized teddy bears on the street especially in the middle of the night. 

Shanghai is also a great place for free work out. There is no reason for you to neglect your work out regime even when you are travelling. In Shanghai, you can do it for free. Almost every park in Shanghai has Crayola-colored equipment. They are simple machines from what you find in regular gyms but work just fine to help you stay in shape. Chin-up bars, ropes, elliptical trainers, leg and ab isolators, and more are there to use for free for everyone.