A Truly Adventure With Yacht Charter in Indonesia


A yacht charter in Indonesia is the best way to enjoy a cruise to various islands with stunning views. Combining traditional design with modern comforts, liveaboard Indonesia brings you to find spots that are difficult to reach by road. Indonesia has approximately 17,000 islands with 360 ethnic groups with their own uniqueness. For adventurers and diving lovers, of course, know for sure the islands with spectacular underwater views. There are Komodo National Park, Raja Ampat, Wakatobi, Banda Sea, Bali, Nusa Penida, Lombok, and many others that are popular around the world. 

yacht charter indonesia with sunset and sunrise view

Yacht Charter Indonesia, Save your time exploring remarkable islands

Imagine how many days to explore the many islands in Indonesia. How much budget should you prepare? Of course, you have to prepare yourself for months with a lot of costs. Road trips are not recommended to explore the islands in Indonesia. Liveaboard Indonesia is highly recommended for your cruise to explore the islands of Indonesia.

This means that you will stay on the boat for days and travel by sea to reach the island of your dreams. Considering that you will be staying on the yacht for days, you should choose a comfortable boat with complete facilities. You can adjust the ship’s budget according to the purpose of your cruise. 

Sailing trip to Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is certainly no stranger to domestic and foreign tourists. The 4 big islands have always been a tourist destination that offers stunning views. You can reach more than 4 islands using yacht charters, which are currently offered by many boat operators with various prices and facilities. Yacht charters in Indonesia offer a variety of facilities ranging from share cabins, private cabins, spas, yoga on board, jacuzzis, and others for your trip to explore Komodo National Park. 

sunrise padar island

Komodo National Park is not only popular with the ancient Komodo dragon but also for its stunning underwater scenery. You can see this ancient animal at a distance of 300 meters considering that Komodo is a wild animal and its saliva contains poison. You must be accompanied by a ranger throughout the trip to see Komodo dragons for your safety. 

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Cruises to Komodo island and other islands only take 3-4 days. The budget that you can prepare is around $300-$400 including the ship (open trip). A private yacht charter budget will be more expensive than open trips but provide more privacy for your cruise trip. For diving lovers, it’s a good idea to ask in detail whether the yacht operator provides diving equipment.

Liveaboard Indonesia to Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is one of the popular destinations that fascinates world tourists. Budget trips to Raja Ampat are indeed quite expensive considering the limited facilities that are still available there. Transportation in Raja Ampat is also very limited so many tourists choose yacht charter in Indonesia as a way to reach the many islands with spectacular views along the way.

Pianemo islands. Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia.

Liveaboard diving Indonesia will take you to many of the best diving spots. Mios Kun Island is a diving spot where you can find carpet sharks hiding behind rocks. Cross Wreck brings you to see the wrecks of Japanese ships that ran aground in World War II, Blue Magic, Tanjung Kri, Magic Mointain, and many others.

Sailing to Wakatobi

Wakatobi offers natural beauty that is attractive from all sides and includes 6 countries that are included in the “golden triangle”. Wakatobi National Park has been designated as a world biosphere reserve because there are 750 of the world’s 850 coral species. The best Indonesian dive cruise, of course, Wakatobi is included in one of the diving spots in Raja Ampat & Komodo National Park.