Convenience Things to Know Before Diving in Amed Bali


Just like its neigboring Tulamben, Amed is home to one of the most prominent diving community in Bali. The seemingly humble fisherman village hides spectacular coral reefs and wonderful muck full of incredible critters underneath the clear water. Amed is also home to several coral restoration attempts, a manmade creations that turn into marvellous dive sites. Any divers coming to Bali need to have Amed on their diving bucket list. But before you go, know these things (please change the sentence). 

Convenience Things to Know Before Diving in Amed

It Takes Three Hours Drive from Kuta

Nestled between the sea and the mountain, Amed diving site is located in the northeast coast of Bali. It takes two to three hours of drive from the Denpasar airport or Kuta area. You might need to stop for lunch by the way, which might make the journey a bit longer. However, once you arrive at Amed, you will instantly understand why this is such a divers’ bliss. This village is empty from worldly glitz and glam, away from the hustles and bustles of the buzzing cities on southern Bali. The seemingly sleepy Amed offer tranquility, inner peace of mind, and secludedness which is essential for an enjoyable dive holiday. This is just the place to live a simpler life, soaking in the magic of Balinese culture, and get immersed to the wonderful marine life. 

Amed is Perfect for Easy and Relaxing Diving in Bali 

Just like what’s on the above, the underwater situation of Amed diving Bali is just so calm and relaxing. The water is clear with light to almost no currents at all. The visibility could range from 15 to 25 meters. It’s quite warm, so you only need your 3mm dive suits or just the shortie. Amed is just a perfect dive site for beginners or someone who just want to enjoy an easy diving. 

Amed is Known Best for Macro and Muck Diving in Bali 

Amed is Known Best for Macro and Muck Diving in Bali

Macro Diving and Muck Diving are probably the best feature of Amed. This village sits very close to the Mount Agung volcano, and it results on black sands beaches which create an unusual contrast to the bright corals and colourful critters. The Japanese Wreck, Batu Niti, Seraya Secret and Melasti of Amed are some of the best site for macro diving in Bali.

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Amed is Quite Secluded and Have Minimum Urban Facilities

One charming thing about Amed: this place is not too touristy neither too overdeveloped like Kuta and Seminyak areas. They have some convenient market, but they are not as big as in the southern Bali. That means you need to bring all your travel essentials to Amed. You might find difficulties to find certain sunscreen lotion, tampons, or even certain brands of shampoo. If you think your products will be difficult to find in remote areas like Amed, make sure to bring enough of them.