Flores Komodo Tour to Historic Sites

Flores Komodo Tour

As one of the fantastic places on this planet, the island of Flores offers plenty of natural wonders. Flores is no doubt one of the world’s remarkable destinations. Nowadays, travelers are signing up for Flores Komodo Tour every day to enjoy the white sandy beaches, smoldering volcanoes, deserted islands, soft-shaped hilly landscapes with beautiful rice field vistas, interspersed with mountainous areas. However, travelers not much know that Flores has more than the famous Komodo, beautiful beach, the mountain and the hills. There is something unique in this place, where centuries-old heritage, culture, languages, and history are still preserved as part and parcel of the locals’ lifestyle. There are many amazing places to enjoy the beauty of Flores culture, and one of them is visiting the Historic Sites. Here is the list that you won’t miss while having Flores on your holiday that you can read below.

Wae Rebo Village

Wae Rebo is a small and the famous Manggarai’s traditional village. Its located in Manggarai, East Nusatenggara. Local people in Wae Rebo comes from Modo Tribe. This exotic and cultural villages ever got a reward from UNESCO for the conservation of culture heritage. The residents in Wae Rebo still defend the culture from generation to generation No wonder it’s on everybody’s must see in Flores Komodo Tour list. You have to stay one day night for make Wae Rebo an adventure to visit. There is a ceremony in Wae Rebo Village to welcoming the traveler and this will be done by the leader of tribe. The leader of the tribe will welcome and pray for your goodness and safety during your visit to this amazing place.

Flores Komodo Tour to Belaraghi Village 

Belaraghi village is an extraordinary village and you should spend the night here for the Flores trip. It’s located near Aimere, you can get there by trekking from Paukate village for around 1 hours. There are sixteen beautiful traditional houses standing in two parallel rows in a secluded hill. Local people will give you a warm welcome. Visiting this place is a chance to experience the life of the natives in a remote mountain village.

Bung Karno Exile Home

Flores doesn’t only offer fantastic natural scenery, but also historical tourism. You can visit Bung Karno’s Exile Home for historical locations that you can visit while on holiday.  This place is located in Ende. You have the chance to see many historical objects belonging to Bung Karno that are still well maintained, such as sticks, paintings and beds belong to Bung Karno.

Flores Komodo tour

Bena Traditional Village

Bena village is a hallmark of the Ngada Regency, Flores. It is located on top of the valley at 2245 meters above sea level. Visiting Bena Village is like a journey turn back in time. The local people are kind and thought to have resided in this valley for some 1,200 year. This traditional village is inhabited by older women and men selling famous ikat fabrics and wooden statues. The houses at Bena Village are arranged on terraced land, with some spaces in the center and square shape.

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Watublapi Weaving Village is must see in Flores Komodo Tour list

Watublapi Weaving Village is located in Watublapi, Flores, Indonesia. Visiting this village is a true one-of-a-kind experience. Local people will give you a warm welcome with traditional music and dances. You will even be able to join and watch the Ikat weaving process from step to step!